Friday, December 19, 2008

Nuttall Family Pics: Logan Square 2008

Our good friend Laura Nash took some great family pics for us in October that I'm finally getting around to posting! The Logan Square fountains are just a couple blocks from our apartment and in the summer the kids had fun walking around in the water. The fountains have been turned off for winter now, but the kids can still run around and play where the water used to be.

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Leaf Power

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Fun at the fountain

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Logan Square Family Pics

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

We like to boogie

Last day of music class this semester with Mr. John--good times.
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Short week

Dec. 15-21, 2008
Monday, Monday. Lately on Monday mornings we’ve been going to the Please Touch Museum and it’s a good time to go because there are no school groups then. Levi loves running over to the rocket ship section and looking for the Buzz Lightyear toy that they have hanging from the ceiling. Today there was a new airplane exhibit for older kids and Isaac thought it was amazing because he could pedal with his feet and go up and down on an airplane ride (it’s just like the one at Chucky Cheese in Houston)

The boys also really enjoy playing in the art room at the museum and getting to paint with paint brushes to their heart’s content. Isaac has finally moved on from painting rainbows and now his new thing is apple trees. Levi is into swirling together as many colors as possible and getting really messy.

This was the last week of music classes with Mr. John through WKC. It’s been a fun distraction on Monday afternoons. Isaac really gets a kick out of dancing with the colors and playing instruments. Levi usually likes running around to the music, but he fell asleep on the way to class and I had to wake him up so he was Mr. Grumpapotomus the whole time.

On Tuesday morning Kim McKay came over and we swapped cribs—she’s going to lend us a bedside portacrib that we can use for the new baby and we’re lending her our bigger portacrib that she can use with her baby who is now about 8 months old.

The boys wanted to make Christmas cookies to give to their friends this week and I like cooking with them because its good language practice—we’ll say the ingredients in English and Spanish and then their favorite song to sing while they mix it up is “bate bate chocolate”

Miraculously Isaac is not afraid of the beater anymore. He’ll climb up on the chair and help turn on the beater and then stand there for a while to mix things up.

Levi will just sit with a pile of books around him and “read”—its so fun to watch him turn the pages and repeat phrases that he knows from the stories.

Wednesday morning I drove all of my boys to the airport to send them off to Utah for a few days. I can’t travel because I’m 35 weeks pregnant, but I really needed a break and my cousin Lori gave me the idea of having James take the boys on a trip without me. I miss them a ton, but it will be very nice to “nest,” rest, and get ready for the baby.
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Santa and Cookies

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